Hearts at Home Review in City Paper

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City Paper (Philadelphia)
Beaucoup Blue “Hearts at Home”


It’s rare you’ll see a father/son duo like Beaucoup Blue in these parts. “Yeah, we do run into it touring down south,” notes Adrian Mowry. “My earliest memories are of watching my dad play in clubs.” Early enough that Adrian was sitting under the table peeping up at David Mowry playing the blues and other acoustic guitar stuff, at legendary places like Club 47 in Cambridge and the original Main Point. “I always wanted to be like him. But I was shy, so I’d close myself away and practice.” Adrian was 16 or 17 when he finally let David know he was ready to play out. It’s been pretty steady since then. The pair expanded for a while to a quartet and have now tightened back up to an acoustic duo. “Hearts at Home” (self-released) is an example of the duo’s philosophy: a love of acoustic roots, with blues and swing featured. But, as Adrian notes, if you love the styles enough, you can’t help but be inspired to create some originals in the same vein.